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214 Dalhousie Street
N9V 1W4

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Historically, the Park House is an early example of Pièce sur Pièce log construction and is said to have been built in the 1790s at the mouth of the Rouge River in Detroit. When Detroit was ceded to the United States, the owners decided to dismantle the building and float it down the Detroit River to Amherstburg.

The purpose of the Park House Museum is to:

  • collect, preserve, study and exhibit the heritage of the town of Amherstburg and its people;
  • to strive to collect artifacts and documents that depict the town and its people’s past in the terms of settlement, cultural achievement, trade and marine history which brought about the growth of the town to its present state;
  • to provide for the preservation and availability of such material for all those who wish to see and study it, to further understand the heritage of the town and its people; and
  • to operate as a non-profit educational establishment for the betterment of the town and open to the public regardless of race, creed or occupation.

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